Drive In Racking

drive in rackingEliminate damaged goods and pallets as a result of block stacking, drive in racking is almost as effective as block stacking but much safer and will massively reduced any damaged goods.  It is a high density system best suited to storing many of the same product or in chiller areas.

Drive in racking is based on the first in – first out (FIFO) principle and you can go a number of pallets deep into the racking.  You do have the option of first in – last out (FILO) using the rack as a drive through system, however this requires you to remove pallets from the path of the truck to drive through.

Key Features:

  • Standard equipment can be used
  • Protects stock and pallets
  • Very high density storage
  • Ideal for batch retrieval
  • Cost effective and economical
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