Building Regulations - Mezzanine Floors

Does a mezzanine floor need building regulations?

When building a mezzanine floor you must always complete a building regulations application through to approval.  Whilst freestanding, even a raised storage platform requires building regulations approval.

What are the mezzanine floor building regulations?

While there are numerous building regulations, the regulations below are the most prominent and specific to the installation of a mezzanine floor.

Part A – Structure, loading, ground movement and disproportionate collapse

WCL provide full structural calculations and ensure loadings are designed to suit your existing floor slab.

Part B – Fire Safety

To protect you and the fire service in the event of an emergency, considering things such as travel distance to an exit, emergency lighting, smoke detection and adequate fire rating around structural elements and corridors.

Part K – Protection from Falling, Collision and Impact

All of our stair & balustrade systems are designed to meet the requirements set out by building regulations to include the height and specification of construction.

Park M – Access to and use of buildings

This section mainly covers the ability for all persons to be able to adequately access the building regardless of disability or age.  WCL can advise how this effects your project.


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Fire Rating

The structure must be able to resist 1 hour in a fire to allow fire fighters adequate time to affect a safe rescue in the event of a fire and prevent collapse.
The underside of the floor is protected with a ceiling, the columns protected in casings and exposed edges have a fire rated fascia.
All elements can be plasterboard and decorated or a suspended ceiling grid with "snap on" column cases and fascias finished in white or galvanised.