Racking Inspections

It is not as widely known as it should be,however rack safety inspections are essential to keeping your staff safe and are now a legal requirement.

Not only this but by catching deteriation in your racking early you could save yourself ££££’s in repair bills.[/one_half_last]

Insurance companies may require past safety inspection reports to identify potential causes of accidents, some companies may even be able to reduce your premium if you can prove your inspections are up-to date.

The information held in the report is not only required but will be of benefit to yourself, your health & safety officer aswell as your insurance company and maintenance manager to name a few.

All our reports come supplied with  the necessary documents  for you to conduct your own inspections to ensure the continued safety of your racking.

Dont risk the chance of a collapse, call today on 01822 612020 or simply input your details here and we will contact you to arrange your rack safety inspection.

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