Specialist Racking

Specialist Racking


Our specialist racking systems offer even further flexibility in storage.  The system you require will be dependent on the products you are looking to store.  Each system can combined within a single design to form a bespoke storage solution to suit your business needs and premises.  All of our products are designed to store stock in the smallest footprint both safely and securely.


Push back and drive in racking both provide high density storage of pallets, especially where you hold a lot of a single SKU or product destined for delivery vehicles.

Live roller racking can be used for small boxes, standard pallets or even bulk loads.  Braked rollers specific to your requirements slow the products perfectly.

Long Items – Bar, pipe, sheets and planks

Vertical racking allows the storage of long lengths which would otherwise bend/buckle if stored horizontally.

Cantilever racking allows the storage of long lengths with more strength stored horizontally such as bars and pipes.

Pigeon hole racking provides small face locations in a shelving bay which can span multiple metres deep.

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Push Back Racking
Pallets are front loaded on live carts which allow up to 4 pallets to be loaded per lane
Drive In Racking
Pallets are loaded on to rails as you drive through the racking allowing you to store many pallets deep per lane
Live Roller Racking
Live Roller Racking
Heavy duty rollers allow product to either roll to the front (FIFO) or push product back from the front (FILO). Suitable for both pallets and handloaded stock
Vertical Racking
Vertical Racking
Vertical Racking allows the storage of long products such as bar, tube, pipe and planks where horizontal storage could cause damage to your product
Multi Tier
Rack Supported Mezzanine
Racking and shelving can be used to support a mezzanine floor or install a floor between racks. Check out our multi tier page below
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