Cantilever Racking

A storage system designed to “fill the gaps”.  Pallet racking and shelving systems do have limits to the size and shape of items that can be stored.  Cantilever racking allows you to store bulky, large and awkwardly shaped items.  Weight limits on cantilever racking are extremely high and tend to be around 1,000kg per arm on heavy duty applications but this can rise.  Working at heights of upto 10m there solid construction can come either bolted or boltless, both are very easy to adjust should your storage requirement change.

Cantilever racking can also be used externally in a galvanised form with a canopy above to protect from the weather.


Cantilever racking can accommodate, but isn’t limited to carrying:

  • Large sheet material
  • Long planks and bars
  • Heavy steel stillages
  • Heavy point loading items

They are also very adaptable and can be used for coil/reel storage and drum storage.

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